Summer Arete Classes for Vanderbilt Program for Talented Youths

Misty Redding of Downtown Yoga with Misty is partnering with Street Theater Company's Youth programs as part of their Arete Classes at Vanderbilt's Program for Talented Youths 2016.

This is a five week course where talented youths from all over the country come to Vanderbilt's Campus to live onsite, take advanced studies classes during the day and Arete classes in the afternoon!  These afternoon classes include things like Magic, iPhotography, Pitch Perfect and Yoga, among many other artist studies.

Misty's teaching experiences began with youth teaching in 2012 at BAM Gymnastics in Gallatin, TN and has also included a Pre-School Enrichment program in the summer of 2015. The chance to share yoga, teach, and learn from these brilliant Middle and High School children is an excellent way to spend the summer! These classes are held Mon-Fri from 4-5 pm in June and July.

Learn more about Vanderbilt Program for Talented Youths here: