Misty Redding - Instructor 

DowntownYoga with Misty practices thoughtful and relaxing yoga to promote both physical and mental well-being.  Meeting people where they are in the city, this central location is surrounded by art and culture.

Meet Misty! A lover of life, love, happiness, and yoga. After practicing yoga for 8 years, she decided it was time to share her passion for the practice with more than just family and friends. With the help of teachers Saul David Raye and Raquel Bueno she completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in the Spring of 2015 through Liberation Nashville, a Yoga Studio in Nashville. Her mentors conscious, deep practice and teachings have helped guide Misty's own relationship with yoga to depths which go beyond the "Hot Yoga" fad and the aerobic idea of stretching. Instead to help those who practice peel back layers with a certain ease ingrained in the art of yoga and to help remove emotional blockages that occur so quickly living in today's fast paced world. It is now her hope to utilize yoga as a way to restore balance in everyday life.

Misty was born in Hendersonville, TN and until the age of 8 she lived in various part of Middle TN before relocating with her family to Fairbanks, Alaska. Misty has traveled to over 7 different countries including a four month pilgrimage to South America in which time she backpacked mostly alone, but sometimes with other travelers along the way, through Ecuador and Peru. Through her travels a certain intuition comes to her which confirms the wandering spirit in us all and that it is okay to ask questions. Since returning to Nashville she has been chasing the dream of one day sharing her practice to open hearts, minds and ideas of what others lives could be like too. She is honored to share this with you. A principal she learned through her teachers is the sanskrit word/practice Vichara which translates closely to "self inquiry" or "the inquiry" which is the foundation of Misty's practice and in her teachings.

Misty Redding - Instructor